March 30, 2024

Gambia Inaugurates a 23 MW Solar Power Facility

A 23 MW solar power facility with 8 MWh of battery storage was officially opened in the Gambia as part of the Gambia Power Restoration and Modernization Project (GERMP), which aims to provide universal access to power by 2025.

Impact of the Solar Power Facility on The Gambia

The Gambia has inaugurated a 23 MW solar power facility in Jambur, situated along its western coast. Construction commenced in February, incorporating 8 MWh of battery storage. Upon completion, it is projected to boost the country's energy output by 20%, catering to approximately 18,500 households. PV Magazine reported.

The project, overseen by Gambia’s National Water and Electricity Company, has resulted in the creation of 1,250 direct employment opportunities during construction and entails a three-year maintenance contract.

The Gambia Progressing in Solar Energy

President Adama Barrow emphasized that this initiative is pivotal in The Gambia's progression towards achieving its goal of deriving 50% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030.

"This is our national goal, and the message is clear: the Gambia is committed to the global energy transition as a responsible member of the international community," Barrow stated.

Barrow stressed that this national objective underscores The Gambia's commitment to the global energy transition as a responsible member of the international community.

World Bank and Other's Role

The Jambur plant is a component of the GERMP, backed by the World Bank, the European Investment Bank, and the European Union. Together, they are contributing $141 million towards the $165 million initiative, as part of the country's endeavour to achieve universal electricity access by 2025.

Feyi Boroffice, the World Bank's resident representative to The Gambia, highlighted that the ambition of universal energy access is being advanced through the enhancement of medium- and low-voltage networks. He emphasized that the GERMP will extend electricity to over 700 communities for the first time in the nation's history, marking significant milestones.

Boroffice further noted plans to harness The Gambia's potential to become a po

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Solar Energy Booms in The Gambia

The Gambia is prioritizing increased investment in clean and reliable renewable energy, particularly in solar energy, given its favorable geographical location and conditions.

Noteworthy advancements in the solar energy sector include the Renewable Energy Potentials in The Gambia (REPGam) project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, aimed at training over 200 Gambians in renewable energy technologies.

Another significant contribution is the Gambia Solar Energy Project, initiated in 2007 and completed in 2012, which provided sustainable lighting and energy to rural schools through the installation of solar energy systems.

Solar Energy Investors Targeting The Gambia

Investors targeting solar energy projects in The Gambia are drawn to its promising market dynamics, driven by population growth, expanding businesses, and rapid urbanization.

The country's ideal conditions for solar energy generation, coupled with the government's commitment to increasing renewable energy's share to 40%, supported by initiatives aligning with the Paris Climate accords, make it an attractive investment hub.

These strategic measures, including fiscal incentives and regulatory enhancements, complement The Gambia's stable business climate, characterized by strong macroeconomic fundamentals and a liberal economy, further solidifying its appeal for investors seeking long-term opportunities in renewable energy.

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