May 16, 2024

Irish Energy Firm Boasts 3,000 Solar Installations

Wizer Energy, a recently established business in Cork's Little Island, uses solar energy for its Ballytrasna Business Park offices. The aim is to depend less on the primary energy source.

20 Weekly Solar Installations

The potential future energy landscape for Ireland’s commercial and logistics buildings could be seen in Cork’s Little Island, where solar power shines bright for a new player invested in the game. Recently established in Ballytrasna Business Park, the rapidly growing Irish renewable energy firm, Wizer Energy, is backing its words with action by striving to make its new 9,000 sq ft office space as self-sufficient as possible.

The company presently conducts approximately 20 installations of residential solar systems weekly and is also active in commercial installations, employs over 50 people. They operate a fleet of 22 vans and have been steadily increasing their staff each year due to the rapid growth of the renewable energy sector both nationally and internationally.

The company has taken over the space at Units 16-18 in Ballytrasna Business Park, which was previously occupied by Fastways Couriers. Fastways Couriers, on the other hand, has relocated to the upgraded Nova Business Park, where they now occupy larger premises of around 40,000 square feet. They are now neighbours with EZ Living, Food Cloud, and coincidentally, another renewable energy company, Fáilte Solar.

Gaining Independence From the Grid

To suit their energy needs, the specialised company erected a 30kWp solar PV and storage system on their property. Martin Desmond, the Managing Director of Wizer expressed that with this installation, they can show movement instead of simply words.

Desmond, a former electrician who upskilled his career to electrical engineer after an industrial accident in 2007 emphasized, "By powering our building, we're doing more than just talking."

At their new headquarters in Ballytrasna, the company has introduced a PV solar system on the roof, along with an advanced electrical infrared heating system. According to Desmond, this arrangement brings them close to achieving energy independence, offering a model that other businesses could adopt to mitigate rising costs associated with traditional carbon-based energy sources. The website outlines a payback/return on investment period of 10 to 15 years for the PV solar energy supply.

“I am aware that this is a business model that many can adopt to avoid the escalating expenses associated with the more conventional carbon-based solutions for heat and power supply,” Desmond added.

Early Investment in Solar Energy Paying

Desmond recalls noticing the inadequate solar infrastructure and support in Ireland around 2015. Recognizing the industry's growth potential, he took proactive measures to establish himself early in the market for the long haul. He notes that the market has since grown and matured, with government subsidies playing a significant role in driving growth, as evidenced by the emergence of numerous new companies in the sector.

"In 2015, I became aware of Ireland's deficiency in solar energy and its lack of supporting infrastructure." Mr. Desmond states, "The market has grown and evolved since then, with government aid bringing the fizz to the area, which is obvious in the proliferation of new companies in this space. I recognised there was about to be a boom in the industry here, so I put every effort required in place to ensure I was in promptly to this market and here for the long haul."

In addition to solar PV installations, Wizer also provides and installs infrared heating panels in various settings, including domestic and commercial properties, saunas, health centres, outdoor bars, and more. They also offer EV charge points and claim to have installed systems in every county in Ireland. They emphasise the need for adaptable solutions tailored to clients' needs, acknowledging that not all properties in Ireland are newly built.

Wizer Energy's innovative approach to renewable energy installation and commitment to sustainability position them as leaders in Ireland's evolving energy landscape.

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