July 4, 2024

Two Municipalities to Install Solar Panels in Jordan

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has launched two tenders in frame of 100 Municipalities’ Solar Panel System Installation Project to harness renewable energy, reduce municipalities’ electricity bills, achieve the sustainable development goals, and support the green economy in the Kingdom.

Tenders Ignite Solar Panel Installation Push

The first tender refers to organizing and running events and sessions for the station's solar panel installation, which are designed to raise awareness among citizens and employees about the advantages and uses of solar energy.

This includes the main pillars of renewable energy and how to use them. Organizing such events has been paid a lot attention especially that the kingdom for the first time is going to pick up the issue.

The second tender which consists of designing and implementing the specialization training to provide trade training courses for the beneficiary municipality’s employees on sharing expertise and know-how on renewable energies, including solar energy and energy efficiency to raise their caliber and ensure the proper installment and full utilization of the solar panel systems.

Training is an essential part of the rollout of the solar panel installment project, since it qualifies the local staff to develop new skills.

Massive Funding Secured for Solar Panel Installation

A loan for the solar panel installation project is for €90 million, with the Cities and Villages Development Bank and the European Investment Bank paying in €45 million each.

Government prioritizing a goal of sustainable development and the financing of this project shows its commitment to alternative energy projects as a softer way of achieving that goal.

Furthermore, the confidence international financial institutions show in the renewable energy project in the Kingdom shows that these global institutions recognize that renewable energy project is worth investing in.

Shams Ma’an Solar Beacon

The Shams Ma’an project in the southern governorate is an exemplary sample of past projects in this area, as it is currently one of the major successful solar energy usage examples. It is located 220 km to the south of Amman, and it represents a shining model for large-scale covering with renewable energy technologies.

It clearly conveys the potential benefit of installation of solar panels and the feasibility of achieving energy needs in all areas using a sustainable solution.

Solar panel installation projects are probably the most important project contribute both economic and environmental gambit. Economically, solar power could bring down the explosion of electricity cost of municipalities, take off the financial burden from it, and contribute to more public services and infrastructure.

On environmental level, the solar system contributes in reducing the amount of CO2 released to the atmosphere, leading to improving air quality reducing negative repercussions of pollution on public health and environment.

A Sustainable Leap Forward

The project to provide the setup of 100 municipalities solar panel systems is the initial and important step toward a sustainable energy evolution of the Kingdom. With the application of renewable energy measures, the Kingdom will see an energy revolution by utilizing energy from clean and renewable resources.

The launch of two tenders for the installation of solar panel systems for municipalities all over the Kingdom is an indicator of the government determination for boosting renewable energy sector development.

The establishment of solar panel system is expected to achieve a considerable achievement in economic and environmental levels and is a remarkable step towards sustainability development across the country. We are all looking forward to seeing the outcome of this project, and its contribution to the foreseeable future of energy in the country.

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