April 26, 2024

Massachusetts Powers up With 230 KW Solar Portfolio

Ameresco has declared the completion of a 230 KW solar portfolio for the Massachusetts Public Utility. The project kicked off construction in November 2023, and both systems were finished by March 2024.

490W PV Modules Installed

In collaboration with Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department (WMGLD), Ameresco, a top cleantech integrator with expertise in renewable energy and energy efficiency, has announced today the installation of energy-efficient solar arrays with a combined capacity of (470) 490W PV modules, or 230 KW, BusinessWire reported.

The project comprises two distinct systems. The first, called Equipment Garage Community Solar Array A, has a capacity of 124.5 kWp and is positioned in front of the meter to efficiently provide off-site energy for the local community. The second system, Office Net Metered Array B, has a solar power capacity of 106 kWp and is located behind the meter to enhance on-site energy system usage, reliability, and adaptability.

Solar Arrays Funded by Community

Pete Christakis, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the East Region at Ameresco, expressed excitement about the project's completion and emphasized their partnership with WMGLD in their sustainability efforts. He highlighted the importance of organizations like WMGLD in driving the clean energy transition through sustainable infrastructure upgrades such as solar energy solutions.

"Organizations dedicated to putting into practice sustainable infrastructure upgrades, like solar energy solutions that can make a real difference, both in the short and long term, are essential to the clean energy transition," Pete remarked.

The solar arrays were funded by a combination of a community solar off-take program and a Net Metering Feed-in Tariff. They were projected to produce 118,731 kW and 143,400 kWh annually, respectively.

Construction Completed in 5 Months

Vinnie McMahon, senior system engineer at WMGLD, emphasized their continuous efforts to enhance environmental impact through power supply decisions. McMahon highlighted the collaboration with Ameresco as an opportunity to further support clean power efficiency, aligning with WMGLD's commitment to environmental stewardship.

“We all search for methods to reduce our environmental effect as much as possible when making decisions about power supplies, and this partnership with Ameresco is a great approach for us to keep finding ways to promote our clean power efficiency,” stated Vinnie.

Construction of the solar portfolio commenced in November 2023, and both systems were finalized by March 2024. The project was part of WMGLD's previously reported assets in development as of December 31, 2023.

WMGLD strives to provide safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible energy services while adapting to changing market dynamics. They aim to be a trusted partner in promoting affordable and sustainable energy solutions for their customers and the community. Ameresco's renewable energy project announcement does not determine revenue timing or amounts, nor does it reflect overall company revenue or asset trends. 

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