April 26, 2024

University of Denver Installs 23 MW Solar Project with Pivot Energy

The University of Denver (DU) is teaming up with Pivot Energy, a renewable energy provider, to build solar projects on campus and off-site, generating a total of 23 Megawatts DC (MWdc) of solar energy.

Seven Solar Projects on the Way

DU will use renewable energy produced by solar installations owned and managed by Pivot Energy, enabling the university to balance its entire campus electricity usage with clean solar energy, Solar Power World reported.

Pivot Energy will oversee the development of seven projects in total. Among them, a 1.2-MW on-site solar system will be situated on the Ritchie Center, elevating the portion of on-site clean energy to 10% of the university’s energy consumption. This effort builds upon DU’s previous solar installation project in 2019, in collaboration with Pivot, which encompassed 18 buildings and amounted to 2.2 MW.

Moreover, there will be six off-site net metering solar projects, amounting to 22.2 MW collectively. These projects will generate sufficient clean energy to eliminate 100% of DU's scope two greenhouse gas emissions, enabling the university to cut half of its carbon footprint. 

DU’s 2030 Carbon Neutrality Goal Being Achieved

The solar projects, situated in Larimer, Adams, Mesa, and Weld Counties, are expected to be finished within 24-36 months. Following completion, they will serve as educational tools for students, offering further opportunities to cultivate the future clean energy workforce.

This move supports DU's goal of achieving carbon neutrality. Back in 2008, DU was among the early adopters of the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment to work towards carbon neutrality. To date, fewer than 24 colleges and universities have reached this milestone.

"The university's commitment to achieving carbon neutrality reflects our unwavering dedication to shaping a brighter future for our students and the world," says DU Chancellor Jeremy Haefner. "Upon my inauguration as chancellor at DU, I pledged to reach carbon neutrality by 2030. I'm excited to continue partnering with Pivot Energy to pursue this ambitious goal."

DU Sets Precedent for Other Institutions

"Pivot Energy is excited to extend our collaboration with DU to support their clean energy objectives," says Mat Elmore, SVP of Strategic Accounts at Pivot Energy. "Through on-campus solar installations and off-site net metering solar projects, DU is positioning itself as a leader in sustainability within higher education, while also advancing the clean energy workforce."

Senate Bill 261, which establishes an off-site net metering programme to give customers interested in installing solar more options in offsetting their energy consumption, was passed by legislative leaders in 2021, including Colorado Senate President Steve Fenberg.

With the on-campus and off-site solar energy projects, DU is not only reducing its carbon footprint but also setting a precedent for sustainability in higher education. This initiative not only benefits the university but also serves as a beacon for other institutions aiming to prioritize clean energy and environmental stewardship.

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