April 9, 2024

Uzbekistan Powers Up 500 MW Solar Power Plant

Two Chinese companies plan to construct a solar power plant which will generate 1.1 billion kilowatt-hours annually for 450 thousand households in the Forish district, Uzbekistan. 

The Solar Power Plant Costs $350 Million

A 500 MW solar power project is planned to be constructed in the Forish district by China Poly Group and China Electric. The solar installation is anticipated to cost up to $350 million, according to the presidential press service of Uzbekistan.

The anticipated output of the 500-megawatt plant is forecasted to be 1.1 billion kilowatt-hours of solar power yearly, benefiting 450 thousand households with enhanced energy provision, with the initial phase of 200 megawatts set to be operational later this year.

During his visit to the Jizzakh region on Monday, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev oversaw the initiation of construction for this project alongside an industrial zone.

31 Power Plants Under Construction

In the republic, 4.6 thousand industrial businesses were established last year. Simultaneously, the industry had a 6% annual growth, reaching 656 trillion soums. Seven sizable wind, solar, and thermal power facilities totalling 2.4 GW have also been constructed recently.

Presently, Uzbekistan is witnessing the construction of 31 power plants with a combined capacity of 12 GW, thanks to foreign investments amounting to $14 billion.

Moreover, in 2024, plans are underway to integrate 2.6 GW of new capacity into the energy grid across Navoi, Bukhara, Namangan, Tashkent, and Kashkadarya. This advancement in green energy development aims to elevate the share of renewable energy sources in the overall energy generation to 30% by the end of this year.

Further, 1.66 GW of thermal, wind and solar power plants will be constructed in the upcoming years in the districts of Sharaf-Rashidov, Forish, and Gallaaral. These projects will raise the standard of life for the populace and stimulate the growth of the local economy.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev stated, "Our efforts aim to provide our people with favourable living conditions and guarantee uninterrupted energy supply for industrial growth, which has become a consistent practice across all regions."

Uzbekistan's Support for Investments in Renewable Energy

Uzbekistan possesses considerable potential for renewable energy, particularly in solar power. To bolster energy security and leverage renewable resources optimally, the government has enacted various initiatives to encourage the incorporation of renewable energy into the energy grid and foster private sector involvement in energy projects, notably in large-scale solar energy ventures.

The nation has made significant strides in this direction, setting clear targets and undertaking reforms in the energy sector to achieve its solar power capacity goals of 4 GW by 2026 and 5 GW by 2030.

The government is fostering local expertise in renewable energy, emphasizing energy efficiency standards, public awareness campaigns, and social initiatives to ensure sustainable energy development, backed by financing programs to facilitate investment in renewable energy projects.

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